- my name is michelle, you are more than free to call me michi, mado or mimi !!

(∩˃o˂∩) - my MBTI personality types are ENFX/ESTX, i tend to struggle a lot with finding my personality so i believe these are the most accurate types if i were to ever describe myself !!

- i'm a part of a system, i'm the host so if you desire to know more about our system, go to the please, all links are there!!

ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭ - i'm not online at all times so please do be patient with me and please don't get mad if i don't reply as soon as possible, i will get back to you as soon as i can, please don't guilt-trip me for that!!

- i adore to make friends and help others out with their problems or simply listen to them!! shoot me a message if you ever feel down !!


❥ i'm a 17 y/o so if that makes you uncomfortable please don't follow me.
❥ please softblock instead of unfollowing, i beg you.
please read my system carrd and my ccs + kins carrd, you can find it in links!!
❥ i'm always friendly or extroverted with people so if that bothers you please tell me.


❥ eric cartman from south park, anyone else is fine and i am ok with them!
abuse , suicide , self-harm.
❥ the words "playtime", gentle or the sentence "let's have some playtime you and i."
❥ the names of alejandro, queso, fernanda.
❥ tougou from osomatsu-kun or touoso.
❥ panda from we bare bears.


❥ literally the basic dni criteria... not a surprise
❥ you're under 12 yrs old or over 24 years old.
❥ you're a proshipper, and yes that includes blmatsu, get out pls!!!
❥ you kin me or think that you are me by any means.
❥ you're ableist as hell, literally just get off my profile at this point
❥ you're gonna fakeclaim me and my system.
❥ you won't respect me or my relationship. literally just be a decent person!!


❥ i hope my carrd isn't too long for you to read. reminder to keep yourself safe and to hydrate yourself !! you mean a lot to so many people and you are a wonderful human being , you deserve to live and have happy days, if you need anyone i am here for yu friend!!!

thank you for reading this section!!

MY CATCHALL IS "mado dont look"